Why choose

  • The Record Relay process is simple and intuitive. The product offers no risk, no technology compatibility challenge, and meets HIPAA Privacy Rule compliance requirements.  
  • It also has great benefit in terms of patient satisfaction and provider resource time savings.  It is paperless, simple, responsive, and efficient.


  • Healthcare providers (physicians, dentists, therapists, etc.) can create a Record Relay account that will allow them to receive electronic record requests from patients, attorneys and insurance companies. 
  • Record Relay facilitates the receipt of electronic payment for records before the records are provided. This eliminates the need to invoice and collect, as well as missed charges.


The medical record request process is archaic, involving the exchange of fax and snail mail authorizations. While virtually all aspects of patient care have been digitalized, accessing personal health information remains outdated. Record Relay is the “missing link” that connects the world of digital medical records to patients, doctors, hospitals, attorneys’ offices, and insurance companies.

Record Relay is the nation’s first ever online, HIPAA compliant, medical record request platform. Patients, medical care providers attorneys’ offices and insurance companies can use electronic authorizations for the request of personal health information. Medical care providers can send digital invoices for the cost of obtaining records, and the requestor can pay such invoices electronically.